Bangaram Island Resort
Weddings in India are synonymous with various customs and rituals. Indian Wedding customs and traditions are considered to be sacred affairs and observed with great reverence. These things are part of Indian tradition for a very long time and inherited over the generations. In recent times also these customs have not changed much but have adopted a new face with al its basic tenets. This thing adds an icing to the already beautiful cake of marriage.

Bangaram Island Resort

Location : Bangaram Island

Address : Bangaram Island, Bangaram

Accessibility : Accessible from Agatti by Boat
Bangaram Island Resort in Lakshadweep offers comfortable stay with an essence of simplicity. The resort has 30 tiled -roof huts equipped with all the basic amenities like en suite bathroom, ceiling fan and fridge.

Besides, the resort has also four spacious bungalows that offer complete privacy. These bungalows reflect a local appeal in its design.
Bangaram Island Resort, Lakshadweep offers excellent dinning facilities to its guests. The guests can relish Indian, international and local cuisine including seafood. The resort also has a well stocked bar with all the premium brands of Alcohol.
Amenities & Services
The Bangaram Island Resort offers an array of amenities and services like Round-the-clock Room Service, Prompt medical attention, Travel assistance, Laundry service, Acceptance of major credit cards and Currency exchange. The resort also offers recreational facilities like scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, kayaking and other activities.
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