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Weddings in India are synonymous with various customs and rituals. Indian Wedding customs and traditions are considered to be sacred affairs and observed with great reverence. These things are part of Indian tradition for a very long time and inherited over the generations. In recent times also these customs have not changed much but have adopted a new face with al its basic tenets. This thing adds an icing to the already beautiful cake of marriage.

Weddings in Lakshadweep

The country called India is blessed with many wonderful destinations. Lakshadweep is such a beautiful destination. In recent times, this tropical island has become an ideal place for weddings. There are various wedding venues in Lakshadweep where the rituals of the weddings can be celebrated with great perfection.

This breathtakingly beautiful island is situated 220-240 kms off from the Malabar Coast in Kerala. Coral reefs and palm fringes along with silver sands makes the coastline of the island. There are a number of wedding venues in Lakshadweep but beaches are highly sought after among couples. The sparkling water of the sea replete with marine flora and fauna makes it an incomparable venue for the weddings.

But beaches are not the only venue in Lakshadeep as it is also home to a number of world class hotels and resorts where holy unions for the life can be solemnized. So choose an ideal wedding venue in Lakshadeep to tie the knot at a romantic locale.
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